9 Things Women Want The Most in Marriage

Men and women are both humans but their physical, emotional and love needs are very much different. Its a general perception that women are very much interested in expensive, fancy and exotic things in married relationships.

To debunk this flawed perception I contacted various married women. I asked them what are the things that are truly important to them in their marriages and they wished their husbands knew them. I got different answers from different women but when I compiled the data I found out that there are a lot of similarities in those answers. The majority of the answers fell in similar categories. Out of those similar categories I have compiled the following nine things women women want the most in marriage.

  1. Respect

Among all the things respect ranked the highest. Women want respect from their husbands privately and publically. A wife loves her husband when he shows respect for her ideas, decisions and efforts.

When a husband respects his wife she feels as if she is a queen. In return she happily makes him her king.

  1. Emotional Connection

Emotional connection is very very important to women. In all the relationships of a woman the more deeply she is connected emotionally more strong the relationship is. Same goes for marriage if a woman feels emotionally connected to her husband she will put all she has in the relationship.

If a woman feels, respected, loved, appreciated and trusted her emotional connection with her husband will strengthen. Deeper the emotional connection is stronger the marriage will be.

  1. Good Communication

Talking gives energy to women and by default, like emotional connection, talking is very important to women. If a husband can truly listen to her without judging, he will have a special place in her heart.

A husband who truly listens, gives his wife a feeling of being loved and cared for. A woman wants to share her dreams, emotions and hopes with her husband. A woman adores her husband if can also open up and share his deep emotions, dreams and hopes.

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  1. Honesty

The feeling that she can trust her husband blindly is the most rewarding feeling for a woman. Trust can’t be built overnight. You have to earn it one step at a time. If a husband is transparent in his marriage he will get the trust any man can dream off.

If a husband keeps secrets or tells petty lies then he shouldn’t expect that his wife will trust him.

If you truly want to enjoy the trust and love of your wife then be transparent and honest in your dealings with her.

  1. Friendship

Companionship and friendship are the true essence of a love relationship. A husband who is a friend is the ultimate gem for a woman. In her marriage a woman wants someone she can rely upon and someone she can share her deepest self with. A husband who is also a best friend can fit the bill perfectly. If a man can befriend his wife she will do all it takes to please him.

  1. Support

The feeling that she can truly count on her husband no matter what, is the foundation for all the other emotions like love, affection and respect for a woman. Husband’s support is so important to a woman is that if she feels supported she can conquer the world.

  1. Financial Stability

Women want husbands who are good providers. It’s not that women want a lot of money in their marriages but financial security is important to them. Women don’t like their husband’s to be financially dependent. Almost all the women want a feeling that their husbands want to and are doing their best to provide for the family.

  1. The Little Things

The way to a woman’s heart is through the little things in life. If a husband can pay attention to the little things even the non romantic ones have the ability to win a woman’s heart.

Little acts of thoughtfulness like small “I love you” texts during the day, small gifts (need not to be expensive), warm smiles, attentive conversations and help in household chores are enough to make a woman happy.

9.    Love and Affection

A marriage is incomplete without love and affection. Unsurprisingly every woman wants love and affection in her marriage. If a husband can fulfill the aforementioned eight needs of a wife then love and affection become a byproduct of a marriage.


Women do not necessarily need something expensive, exotic and fancy to be happy and satisfied in their marriage. For a woman little acts of respect, appreciation, support and thoughtfulness are enough to anchor her marriage to a strong foundation.

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