8 Ways to DeClutter Your Mind As a Mother

No doubt life of a mother is busy. There are hundreds of things which go through a mother’s minds in a matter of minutes. Many of these things are unimportant petty things which clutter her brain. Like your homes, cabinets and cupboards you need to declutter your mind to create space for what matters the most.

Benefits of Decluttering Your Mind as a Mother

As a mother the requirement of compassion, patience and self-control is immense. If her mind is full of unnecessary clutter she won’t be able to give the amount of love and compassion to herself and her kids which she wants and needs to give. As a result she will herself succumb to mom guilt. There are many many benefits of de cluttering your mind. Out of all those the most prominent ones are

  • It relaxes your mind.
  • You become calm and composed.
  • It helps you think clearly.
  • You become more focused.
  • You have better self-control.

How to Declutter Your Mind

There are simple things which you can do to get rid of the junk in your head.

  1. Self-care

Moms have sleepless nights, unending things to do and infinite toddler tantrums. As a result they easily get mental fog.

The most important thing in this journey of de cluttering your mind is self-care.  So take care of your physical and mental health. Exercise, eat and sleep well and drink plenty of water. Give yourself something which you really enjoy. Once the basic human needs of your body are met you would be better equipped to think and act clearly.

  1. Do Some Soul Searching & Prioritize Your Life

Take some time for soul searching and find out what you really want from life. In the light of that insight set your goals. Break down those goals into smaller doable chunks.  Fit those doable chunks in your daily to do list. This will eventually lead you to the accomplishment of your goals.

Leave the things which unnecessarily take up your time and attention.

  1. Have Some Alone Time

Raising kids is a simultaneously rewarding and overwhelming job. Spending some time alone and taking a break from the routine activities helps a lot in detoxing, de cluttering and rejuvenating yourself physically and mentally. Take the help of a friend, family member or a baby sitter and take some time alone. Spend this time the way you want to spend it.

  1. Declutter Your Surroundings

If your surrounding is messy, disorganized or cluttered it will have a negative effective on your mind and vice versa. In order to declutter your mind keep your surrounding organized and mess free.

  1. Write

I believe that writing is a therapy. It helps to get rid of your mental junk. Keep a journal, set a timer for say 20 minutes and write down whatever comes to your mind. When you are done you have taken most of the mental clutter out on the paper, as a result you will be much relaxed and calm.

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  1. Meditate

Meditation is an old age practice and its effectiveness is proven. It has many benefits and out of all those one is de cluttering your mind. Meditating for five minutes daily is enough to de clutter your mind and focus clearly.

You just need to find a quiet place, set your timer for 5 minutes, sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breath. You don’t need to breathe in a certain way just observe your breath. Different thoughts will come into your mind you just need to not think them actively. When you will not give attention to a thought it will disappear and another one present itself before you. You just need to keep your attention on your breath. When the timer is off your time is up.

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  1. Pray

Similar to meditation praying also helps you to relax and de clutter you mind. The feeling that there is a Divine force which has the power to take away all your burden is an empowering feeling in itself. No matter what your belief is praying will help you to let go, relax and focus.

  1. Limit The Use of Social Media

There is a buzz around us in form of the virtual world. This buzz has the ability to suck a person’s most productive time and leave them as an addict wanting more and more of the virtual world. The more you will stay in the virtual world of social media the more it will bombard you with unnecessary information which will clutter your mind.

Limit the use of social media by setting a limited time to use it. Secondly while you are using social media or media in general consciously spend your time on the things which are positive, uplifting and useful.

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There are a ton of things which go through your mind as a mother. It may leave your mind cluttered with unnecessary information. In order to focus on the things which matter the most you need to declutter your mind frequently.

By working on your self-care, spending some time with yourself and doing some soul searching you can set the foundation for a de cluttered mind.

Simple things like writing, meditating, praying, limiting the use of social media and actually decluttering your surroundings help a great deal to calm down, relax and declutter your mind.




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