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Why & How To Catch Your Child Being Good

Catch your child being good imageWe all want our children to be well behaved and well mannered. But teaching kids good behavior and mannerism is not an easy task. Every parent kind of knows it that if you catch your child being good, and show praise and approval, they will repeat that desired behavior again and again but somehow parents forget this reality.

It requires a lot of effort, self-control, and patience on the parents’ end to teach a child positive behaviors and manners.

Why is it Important to Catch Your Child Being Good

The question is why is it important to catch your child being good. There are a few very obvious benefits of catching them when they are being good.

Humans React Positively to Positive Reinforcement

Its human nature that if any of their behavior is positively rewarded they repeat that behavior to get the reward again. Children especially young child live for the praise and approval of their parents. Once any of children’s behavior is praised or approved by their parents they repeat it again and again to please their parents. Over the course of time, the repetition creates a habit of that particular behavior and good habits are the foundation of a successful life.

It’s Good for the Child’s Self Esteem

Children are not born with self-esteem. Their beliefs of self-worth come from the people around them. Parents being the closest people around the kids form most of the beliefs of self-worth and self-esteem.

When parents positively reinforce a certain behavior of a child in form of praise and gratitude, it’s very natural for the child to feel good about himself or herself. The child feels able, worthy, cherished and important. As a result, the self-esteem of the child is skyrocketed.

It’s Good for The Child’s Happiness

Its human psyche that they feel happy when they make others happy. When parents show happiness, praise and gratitude for a certain behavior of the child they are not only improving the child’s behavior but also making the child happier in the process.

It’s Good for Parent-Child Relationship

In any relationship when one person feels valued they are more likely to reciprocate in a positive manner. Similarly in a parent-child relationship once the parent rewards the child on certain behaviors the child feels seen and valued. As a result, the parent-child relationship improves.

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How to Catch Your Child Being Good & What to Do When You Catch Them Being Good

Catching your child being good is important for many reasons now we come to the question of how should we catch them being good and what to do once we have caught them in the act.

Pay Attention

Naturally, parents are more prone to notice the negative behaviors of children. “Don’t do it” “Stop!” and “No” are common words children listen from their parents. In order to catch your child being good, you need to be present and attentive. Pay attention to the little things your child does. Your child might have been kind to their siblings or helpful to you or respectful to a stranger etc. As a parent, you need to notice these small positive acts of kindness, respect, thoughtfulness, and love.

Show Your Praise and Approval

Once you have noticed your child being good, show your praise and approval. Show your child, that you are pleased with their actions and efforts, through your words and gestures. Consider the following three things while praising your children.

  • Be specific in praising your child. Instead of saying “You did a great job” try saying “It was very kind of you to help your sister. I am so happy for this, thank you”.
  • Note down their acts of goodness and praise them often for those acts.
  • Let them overhear you praising them in front of your family and friends.


All parents want their children to be well behaved and well mannered. In order to improve the behavior of your child, you need to catch your child when they are being good.

Positive reinforcement after catching your child being good is good for developing strong and positive self-esteem and overall happiness of the child. It not only help a child become more confident but it also improves parent-child relationship.

Parents need to pay attention and be fully attentively present when their kids are around. They can very well observe the positive behavior of the children.

Once they have observed a positive behavior, praising and showing happiness and gratitude helps a lot in motivating the child to repeat that behavior. Over time these behaviors become habits and then a very less effort is required on the part of the child to be well behaved and well mannered.

So put an intentional effort to catch your child being good, as its benefits are quick and long-lasting.

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  • Sadia Akhlaque

    Totally agreed with you as today’s generation require acknowledgement even of minute details n accomplishments. This is a really a handy way to get them behave the way we want. Keep writing 👍👍

  • Mazhar Satti

    Praising can do miracles; many a times it brings out the real humans hidden inside.
    Forgiveness and positivity bring that magical power in humans which takes them to the next levels of goodness. Thanks for nice article.

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