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7 Powerful Yet Underrated Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

Whenever you are in a love relationship naturally you want to make your partner happy. In a marriage, its the duty of both husband and wife, to make each other happy. Making your spouse happy is a two-way streak. If a husband makes an effort to make his wife happy he will also feel happiness and vice versa. So the quest of making your spouse happy is a win-win for both of you.

In order to make your husband happy, there are few very obvious things like intimacy and emotional connection and everybody knows about them. No doubt these things are dear to a man but there are some other things which look ordinary but are equally effective.

Today I will show you some ways to make your husband happy which are very effective and powerful but are quite underrated.

how to make your husband happy

  1. Warm welcomes & Goodbyes

Think for a second that you are about to leave and nobody is bothered in the house or you have just arrived and everybody is busy in their work. Obviously, you would feel unimportant and unwanted. On the other hand, a warm welcome makes you feel important and loved. Similarly, a warm goodbye makes you happy.

In a love relationship, the impact of such gestures is Mani folded. Many married men have admitted that a warm welcome and a warm goodbye from their wife pretty much set the tone for the rest of their day.

So next time when your husband is about to leave or has just arrived leave whatever you are doing for a moment pay attention to your husband and warmly greet him.

Hectic routines and busy lives might make it a bit difficult to daily show warmth when you greet your husband. At times you might not feel like showing any warmth but this little gesture matters a lot. You may start by making it a part of your routine like brushing your teeth. Initially, you will do it intentionally and soon it will become a habit.

  1. Be Happy

As they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup, so before trying to make your husband happy take care of yourself and be happy.

We, women, have a habit to nag and criticize a lot. Mostly a woman nags to de-stress herself but it’s a big turn off for a man. Usually,  a husband considers nagging and unnecessary criticism to be a symbol of his inability to make his wife happy. So if you are happy it will make your husband happy.

  1. Appreciate Him Even On Little Things

Though he might never say it, but deep inside his heart, he is craving for your appreciation. Pay attention and show your appreciation for the little things he does like helping you around the house or being kind to the kids. Not only will this make him happy and feel seen but he will do all those things again to get your appreciation.

  1. Do Not Try To Change Him

When a woman loves a man, out of love she tries to improve him. On the other hand, that same man feels rejected for not being good enough for her. So in order to make your husband happy accept him the way he is and do not try to change him.

Once trust is built and he feels comfortable enough he will himself ask you for your suggestions. Only then you may give your feedback that too with caution. Keep in mind that little is more in this case, only give short and to the point suggestions.

  1. Show Confidence In His Abilities

A man’s confidence is the key to his happiness and that man’s wife has the power to make or break that confidence. Show your husband that you have full confidence in his abilities. Do not try to micromanage him or give unnecessary directions.

  1. Watch your Words

Your husband might never accept it but your words matter a lot to him. Whenever there is a conflict or argument try not to use sentences starting with “You always” and “you never”. Usually, such sentences start the blame game and leave him feeling worthless. Instead, take responsibility for your own feelings and use “I feel” statements.

For example; instead of saying “You never give me time” try saying “I feel ignored when you do not give me time.”

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Your husband is happy to see you taking care of yourself. Generally, when women are a few years into their marriage and they are busy with kids and other household activities, comfort and ease become the top priority for them. Similarly, you might find it difficult or unnecessary to focus on your appearance after some time in your marriage but your husband loves it when you take care of yourself.

So for the sake of your husband’s happiness take care of yourself, dress up and pay attention to your health and appearance. Believe me, you will love it too.


Making each other happy is an essence of a healthy marriage. Besides some obvious and famous things like intimacy and emotional connection to make your husband happy, you might try some other things which are quite powerful but underrated.

Taking care of yourself and being happy can play a big role in making your husband happy. Similarly greeting your husband warmly whenever he departs or arrives is a powerful way to show him that he matters.

Showing confidence in his abilities and accepting him the way he is, has the potential of giving your marriage another level of trust and comfort level. Noticing his little acts of care and thoughtfulness and showing appreciation for them also give him a dose of well-deserved happiness.

You can also make your husband happy by watching your words and avoiding unnecessary blame game during arguments and conflicts.

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  • Sadia Akhlaque

    To be happy is to make others happy first. So the same goes for the marital life. Following mentioned steps can easily lead to a happy married life.

    • seemabzakir

      Exactly!as they say, you get what you give, making an effort to make your husband happy has the potential to make you happy as well.

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