7 Powerful Yet Underrated Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

make your wife happyWhenever you are in a love relationship you want to make your partner happy. Similarly in a healthy marriage, both husband and wife want to make each other happy. Making your spouse happy is a two-way streak. If a husband makes an effort to make his wife happy he will also feel happiness and vice versa. So the quest of making your spouse happy is a win-win for both of you.

When it comes to happiness in a marriage for your wife, there are a few obvious things like emotional connection, loyalty, and respect. Besides these, there are few other things which are very effective to make your wife happy but are quite underrated.

how to make your wife happy

Let’s see how you can make your wife happy by using these not so popular ways.

  1. Listen to Her With Empathy

It’s a general perception that women talk a lot. In fact, women get energy from talking. They figure out solutions to problems, de-stress themselves and sort out their feelings with the help of talking.

In order to make your wife happy you need to listen to her with attention and empathy. You are not required to solve her problems unless she asks you. All you need to do is to listen with concern and validate her feelings. Those feeling might look illogical or unnecessary but always curb the urge to argue with her feelings.

If you want to go one step further and make her super happy then try to open up and discuss your own deep feelings with her.

This whole process of attentive listening and talking is the first step in building a strong emotional connection with your wife.

  1. Respect Her Sense of Judgment & Decisions

Everybody knows that respect is very dear to a woman in a love relationship but respecting her decisions & her sense of judgment is just another level of emotional satisfaction for her. If you really want to make your wife feel important and valuable then trust her judgment and decisions.

She gets a special sense of belongingness to you when you respect and value her calls. She is not only happy but her bond with you also strengthens in the process.

  1. Give Her Importance Publicly

Your wife might never say it but she wants to be number one in your life in terms of importance. The most effective way you can satisfy her this desire is by giving her importance publicly.

Never talk ill of her in front of your family and friends. Never tell jokes at her cost. She might not show any anything but she notices all these things.

Giving importance publicly to her ideas and what she is saying can make her so happy that she will be willing to do anything for you in return.

  1. Show Interest In Her Life

Another effective way to make your wife happy is by showing interest in her life. Ask her questions about her dreams, experiences, feelings, likes, and dislikes. A woman truly loves a man with whom she shares her inner self.

If your wife is not talking to you about her inner self then it’s a signal that you need to put little more effort to truly win her heart.

  1. Express Your Positive Feeling Towards Her

Women need reassurance in love relationships. Listening to “I love you “, or for that matter, any other positive expression, once, is not enough for her. So in order to make your wife happy you will have to express your positive feelings towards her again and again.

I would like to mention a very important point that your expression of positive feelings should be genuine and for the sake of making her happy only. If there is a hidden agenda for your compliments then, believe me, she will know it and such a thing is a big no-no for her.

  1. Love Her Children

A mother-child bond is the strongest. In a love relationship, when a man is loving and kind to a woman’s children then that woman has special kind of love and respect for him.

Your wife might ignore your many mistakes if you are a great father or stepfather to her children.

So next time when you are being compassionate, kind and loving to your kids remember that you are making their mother happy in the process.

  1. Notice The Little Things She Does For You

Men have a habit of not noticing the little things happening around them in the house. But remember your wife wants you to notice the little things she does for you and appreciate them.

When she brings your favorite drink on her way back from work she wants you to notice her thoughtfulness and appreciate it.

So next time you notice a little act of love by your wife, pause a little, notice it and thank her thoughtfulness. You will instantly know how happy she is, just because you noticed.


When it comes to the happiness of women in love relationships there are some obvious things like emotional connection, loyalty and respect which are very famous and everybody knows about them. Apart from those things, there are few other things which are equally powerful to make women happy but are underrated. These things will give you an insight into the heart and mind of your wife and by paying attention to these things you can surely make your wife happy.

The first and foremost such thing is listening to her with empathy. Respecting her decisions and her sense of judgment bring her closer to you. Similarly, giving her importance publicly and showing interest in her life makes your bond even stronger.

Noticing the little things she does for you and expressing your positive feelings, again and again, give her the reassurance she needs to feel loved and wanted.

Last but not the least by loving her children and being an excellent father to them you can make your wife happy.

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