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How to Get Your Husband to Help with Household Chores

get your husband to help with household choresSo you want your husband to help you with household chores and he seems to be least bothered by the idea that he should be helping you around the house.

At times the amount of work you need to put in to maintain the house is immense, boring and thankless. You may have excelled at everything and nobody notices but the day something is slightly not up to the mark and bam everybody is concerned. Your husband’s helping hand in such situations give you a sense of togetherness as a couple and a breath of fresh air from spinning your wheels again and again.

As a woman, I know that one’s husband involvement and help in household chores is important for her. There are a few steps which you might take to make your husband help you with household chores.

  1. Assess The Situation Without Bias

As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. We, women, think that men have easier duties and lives.  Similarly, when it comes to doing household chores your husband might be doing enough but you are not noticing it.

You should assess the situation without bias that is your husband really not doing enough? Once you are neutral and you look at the situation with a third person’s eye you can realistically analyze the situation.

Think about all the duties your husband performs without bias and if you still think he should do more then proceed as under.

  1. Communicate Your Point of View Explicitly & Effectively

So after assessing the situation you have come to the point that you need your husband to help with household chores. First of all, you need to clearly put across your point of view with respect, kindness, and positivity. Do not assume anything that your husband knows or should know anything. Clearly tell him that where you need his help and how important it is for you.

Avoid the “You never” and “You always” statements as they start the blame game and the discussion becomes counterproductive. Instead of saying “You never help me in household chores” try saying “ I feel exhausted as I have to do so much, I will appreciate if you help me in so and so chore.”

Come to the point of consensus through mutual discussion.

  1. Let Him Do His Chores His way

Generally, when it comes to household chores women are the perfectionists. They tend to micromanage or give unnecessary directions to men when they try to help.

If you want long-lasting help from your husband then let him do his chores the way he wants to do them. Do not keep inspecting or directing the whole process.

  1. Be Ready to Give a Lot of Appreciation

Men crave for appreciation that too from their wives. Once your husband does a chore be ready to give a lot of appreciation even if the job was not done up to your standards. Try to appreciate the effort he has put in to make you happy. Thank him and show him that you are really happy with him. Believe me, he will help you more in the future.

  1. Be Respectful & Kind When He Falters

We all make mistakes and we like to be forgiven for those mistakes. If your husband has not done a chore which he promised or not done it the way he should have done, remember to be kind and respectful while stating your displeasure.


At times household chores and tasks become boring, exhausting and thankless. Women love it when their husbands are thoughtful enough to lend a helping hand in household chores. At times husbands seem to be least bothered by the idea of helping in household tasks.

In such situations, resentment might build on wife’s end. To improve the situation and get the well-deserved help from your husband you need to intelligently tackle the situation. First of all, assess the situation without any biases and check out whether your husband needs to help more or he is already helping a lot.

Once you come to the conclusion that he needs to do more,  then the next step would be to put across your point of view with respect, kindness, positivity, and clarity.

Letting him do the chores as he wants to do them and showing a lot of appreciation for his effort and thoughtfulness will help a lot in making him happily help you again and again in the future.

Being respectful, kind and loving to your husband when he falters will build the foundation of trust and compassion which will get your husband to help in household chores willingly and happily in future.

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