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How to Get Your Husband to Listen to you Attentively

get your husband to listen to you attentively
Being a woman I know that talking is important to women. Besides other things a woman uses talking to de-stress herself, find solutions to problems and build relationships. But talking without an attentive listener is pretty much useless. That’s why listening is a very important part of talking.

For a woman, when it comes to relationships like marriage, talking becomes a very important mode to connect emotionally with her husband. Men, on the other hand, are wired totally differently to women and they underestimate the importance of listening to their wives. As a result, there is resentment and a lack of feeling of fulfillment in the hearts and minds of women.

How to Get Your Husband to Listen to You Attentively    

If you are one of those women who want their husbands to up their game when it comes to listening to you then you are at the right place. By dealing with the situation tactfully not only you can get your husband to listen to you attentively but you can also make him realize that talking to him is so so important to you.

  1. Tell Him That Talking To Him is Important To You

The first step to get your husband to listen to you attentively is simply to tell him that it’s important to you to have conversations with him. Tell him how important his attentive listening for your emotional fulfillment and happiness.

We want our loved ones to know by themselves what we want and then act according to that knowledge. Similarly, you might want your husband to know by himself that his empathetic listening is important to you and then act in light of this knowledge. As he is wired differently by default, without your input he might never know about this need of yours.

We always want to make our loved ones happy. Once your husband knows that it is important to you then he will definitely put the effort to listen to you empathetically to satisfy your need and make you happy.

  1. Set Aside Some Time For Your Daily Conversations

By mutual consent, set aside some time daily for your regular chit chat where you will have all of your husband’s attention. A thirty-minute window of uninterrupted attention to what you are saying is enough for you to be fulfilled.

  1. Talk Only When He is Attentive

Women are great at multitasking but men are pretty much one dimensional when it comes to their focus and attention. You might be doing ten things and still listen attentively but for your husband, it’s close to impossible to fully focus on different activities at the same time.

So whenever you want to talk to your husband talk only when he is fully attentive. Ask him to finish other tasks and then listen to you. In this way, he will be better able to give you the attention you need and deserve.

  1. Talk Clearly

Women are excellent at picking up the clues in the conversation and understand things which are not even being said. On the other hand, men lack this ability.

In most cases, your husband will never be able to pick up the clues in the conversation. So do not give him the clues in the first place and just talk clearly. Do not assume anything any convey your desires, needs, anger, frustration, love, and happiness in the clearest of terms.

  1. Be Kind and Respectful

This is kind of obvious, you have to be kind and respectful if you want to get your husband to listen to you attentively. You can convey every emotion including anger, frustration, and resentment with kindness and respect.

If you will be kind, respectful and considerate it’s very much likely that your husband will be much more willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.


Talking is important to women and they want their husband to listen to them with attention and empathy. Men, on the other hand, are not aware of this need of women.

As men are oblivious to this need of their love ladies, in order to get your husband to listen to you attentively you must tell him how important it is to you. Setting some time aside daily for casual conversations helps a lot in fulfilling this need of yours. Talking only when your husband is attentive and clearly conveying your message helps in reaping full fruits of talking and listening. Last but not the least being kind and respectful help in positively conveying any negative emotion or feeling.

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