how to raise confident kids
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How to Raise Confident Kids: 9 Simple & Effective Steps

As confidence is the key to take on any challenge at any time in life, parents all around the globe wish to raise confident kids. The best thing about confidence is that it can be learned and taught.

A human child learns almost everything from the environment he or she encounters especially in the early years of their life. Parents being the most important people around their kids have the power to inculcate self-confidence in their kids.

The following measures are the building blocks to raise confident kids.

how to raise confident kids

  1. Be a Good Role Model

Like most thing in parenting, first of all, you will have to model how to be confident in front of your kids to instill the much-wanted confidence in them. Show your child that you are confident in your own skin and your child will follow you. Model how to conquer fears through taking action and your child will do the same. Show confidence in your own abilities and your child will learn to have confidence in their abilities by watching you.

  1. Show Your Love To Your Child No Matter What

Parents always love their children but at times their behavior doesn’t show it. Scolding and yelling kids for petty mistakes and labeling them for their bad behavior may wrongly portray parents as only loving the kids when they meet a certain standard.

You need to show your love to your children irrespective of their mistakes, achievements or talents. When kids know that their parents have their back, automatically there is a certain degree of confidence in whatever they do.

  1. Make a Habit of Praising The Effort

Only praising achievements and accomplishments is a norm of our present society. If parents follow the footsteps of the society in this regard they might put extra pressure on their kids.

You as a parent must intentionally praise the effort and not only the success or accomplishment to instill confidence and resilience in your kid.

Confidence comes through doing things. When your child will know that you are noticing and appreciating their effort they will never stop trying.

  1. Build Your Kid Through Your Words

There is a strong mind-body connection. If the mind tells the body that it can do something the body will do it and vice versa. Use this strong mind-body connection to your child’s advantage and build your child’s confidence through words of affirmation.

Dr. Joyce Brothers very rightly said, “A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life”. To create a positive self-image in kids, first of all, give them positive affirmations and then teach them to give themselves those affirmations. Giving daily affirmations like I am kind, I am smart, I am confident, I am respectful, I am happy etc, help a lot in creating a positive self-image in the child’s mind. Over time this positive self-image helps the child to be confident and resilient.

  1. Let Your Kid Solve Problems

Solving problems give a big boost to one’s confidence. Whenever your child faces a problem curb the urge to jump in and solve it for your child. Just keep an eye from the sideline and let the child try to solve it. If the child is successful then it’s great otherwise praise the effort and help the child.

  1. Show Your Confidence in Child By Giving Age-Appropriate Responsibilities

One of the best ways to raise confident kids is by showing your confidence in them. Give them age-appropriate responsibilities. Keep an eye on them and give a lot of praise when they fulfill those responsibilities.

Small household chores like watering plants or picking up toys can become big achievements for young kids when parents show confidence in them by giving them the responsibility and then show praise and approval.

  1. Catch Your Child Being Good

Children especially young children live for the praise and approval of their parents. If you can catch your child being good they will do the same act, again and again, to get that praise again and again.

Intentionally create opportunities to notice your kid being good and give a lot of praise. This will help in skyrocketing your child’s confidence.

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  1. Give Structured opportunities For Success

Nothing brings confidence like success does. To help your children gain confidence through success give them structured opportunities to succeed.

For example, if your child is good at swimming, you may set a time limit to swim a certain distance which you know your child can achieve. When your child will achieve the target it will give him or her a lot of confidence and will also polish the skill.

As a parent, you know the strengths and weaknesses of your kids. Structure activities around their strengths to give them the confidence to overcome their weaknesses.

  1. Let Your Kids Overhear Your Praise For Them

We all know that praising a child directly is effective but letting a child overhear praise is much more effective and profound. Let your child overhear your praise for them while you are talking to a friend or family member. It’s most likely that the same child will work harder to please you more and will also get a lot of confidence in the process.


Every parent wants to raise confident kids. The good news is confidence can be learned and parents being the most influential people around their kids can teach it to them.

For parents, the first and foremost step to raise confident kids is by modeling confidence in front of kids. Showing love and praising the effort helps a lot to instill confidence in kids. Letting kids overhear parental praise is another way to instill confidence and resilience. Catching them being good and using positive words to build up the confidence in kids are good tools in the journey of raising confident kids.

Similarly giving kids age-appropriate responsibilities and letting them solve problems helps a lot to raise confident kids. Last but not the least giving kids structured opportunities for success also help a lot boosting the morale of the kids.

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