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6 Essential Parenting Skills To Lay a Sound Foundation For Successful Parenting

All over the world parents want to excel in this parenting thing so that their kids can lead happy, fulfilling and successful lives. There are tons of parenting books, blogs, seminars and workshops which try to help parents figure out how to go about parenting.

In the early days of my parenting journey, I read many parenting blogs, books and talked with seasoned parents to get their helpful perspective on parenting. After becoming a parent and gaining some on job experience I have myself wrote a few articles in an effort to help parents in the nitty-gritty of parenting. Though these things are helpful still I have realized that at times these “How to-dos …” stuff is somewhat cosmetic measure if parents do not lay a strong foundation for parenting.

Now after quite some years into my parenting journey if I have to tell parents-to-be, new parents and my younger self what are the most essential parenting skills then they would be as under

Remember ‘You’ Are the Anchor In Your Parenting Journey

Parenting is a mission. It decides the future of our world. You, as a parent, must realize that in this journey of parenting ‘You’ yes you are the anchor. Your child will drive his or her sense of worth and a sense of security from you.  You are your child’s most trusted teacher and you have the opportunity to write the blueprint for your child’s success in life.

There are some essential parenting skills which every parent must possess before embarking on this life-changing mission.

essential parenting skills

Essential Parenting Skill # 1 Learn To Be Patient and Kind

Feeling loved is the most basic need of a human child. Loving your child is your natural human instinct but the question is how much love and affection do you show to your child. In your parenting journey, there will be some good times and some difficult times. To succeed as a parent you will have to be patient and kind to yourself and your child through difficult and not so good times.

Intentionally practicing patience, writing a gratitude journal, slowing down, meditation and self-care help to be more patient and kind.

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Essential Parenting Skill # 2 Learn To Manage Your Emotions

The ability to manage your emotions is the key to succeed in any field of your life. Your ability to manage your negative emotions like anger, frustration and stress will build the foundation for your success as a parent.

Before starting your journey of parenthood you must spend some time to learn the techniques to manage your emotions. This will not only be helpful to be a skillful parent but also in all the other aspects of your life.

Watching your thoughts and replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, spending some alone time, intentionally being grateful, exercising and writing about your emotions and feelings help to manage your emotions.

Essential Parenting Skill # 3 Learn to Communicate Effectively           

If you want to build healthy relationships you must be a good communicator.  As a parent, you are your child’s teacher, guardian, and mentor. The health of your relationship will depend a lot on how effective you are in communicating your perspective and your advice to your child.

Paying attention & showing interest in what your child is saying, validating your child’s feelings and clearly conveying instructions and consequences help in communicating effectively with kids.

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Essential Parenting Skill # 4 Learn to Be Present

Today’s Life is busy like hell, it’s very easy to be present physically but absent mentally or emotionally. Being the most important person in the life of your child you must learn to be fully present when your child is around. Spending quality time without the distractions like phones, TV, and internet is a must in not only building your relationship but also in fulfilling your role as a parent.

Striking a work and life balance, putting your phone down, slowing down and observing the body language of the child helps a lot in being fully present around your kids.

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Essential Parenting Skill # 5 Learn To Manage Your Child’s Behavior

When you have kids you are introduced to all kinds of behaviors humans tend to have. Your kids might be whiny, angry, unreasonable, aggressive, lying and disrespectful ( and so on…) but you must learn to manage these behaviors effectively in order to teach important lessons to your kids and raise them into happy and productive individuals of the society.

Being loving and affectionate to your child, following routines, clearly stating your expectations and consequences, giving choices and giving a lot of praise when due help in managing your child’s behavior.

Essential Parenting Skill # 6 Learn To Be a Role Model

When you are preparing to embark on the journey of parenting be prepared to become a role model for a tiny human being. Whatever your baby will learn he or she will learn through watching you. You are your child’s most trusted teacher and he/she will learn through imitating and following you. Your child can become anything and have any quality which you may desire but first of all, you will have to show that quality in you by being a good role model.

Be a living example of all the good things you preach and I assure you that your child will follow you exactly you ask them to.


Parenting is a sacred mission, it decides the future of our world. There are some essential parenting skills which every parent needs to have to succeed in this mission. As a parent, you must learn to manage your emotions and be patient and kind to your kids. Similarly, learning to communicate effectively and be fully present around your kids is essential in successfully playing the role of parents. Learning to manage the negative behavior of kids is an important tool to make the parenting journey smooth and fruitful. Last but not the least you must learn to be a role model for your kids if you want to be successful as a parent.


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