how to be patient with your kids

Struggling With Patience? 6 Effective Steps To Be More Patient With Your Kids

Patience is one of the most important traits a parent must possess. Loving your own children is easy, it’s natural. On the other hand being patient with your kids when they get on your nerves is a daunting task. No matter how much you wish every now and then there comes a stage when you lose your temper with your kids. When the storm of impatience is over you might regret your behavior but the damage has been done. As a result, your relationship with your child and your child’s sense of worth suffers.

Every parent wants to raise happy, successful and well-adjusted kids. In order to be successful in your endeavor, you have to be patient and kind to your kids. Arnold H. Glasgow has emphasized the importance of patience so beautifully by saying “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg not smashing it.”

Patience is a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets. For the sake of your child’s self-esteem, happiness, learning abilities and a strong relationship with you, you must practice patience towards your kids. The following steps help to be patient with your kids.

  1. Self-Care

As they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup, if you are not relaxed and happy you won’t be able to show self-control when required. If your own primary needs are not fulfilled it’s less likely that you will be able to show patience and kindness to your kids.

In order to fulfill your own personal needs, you must eat, drink and sleep well and exercise regularly. Having a life outside your house helps in fulfilling your need to have adult interaction in your life. Giving yourself something which you really enjoy is essential in keeping your mood in check. If you like spending time on social media, have a chocolate craving or you need to have a heart to heart conversation with someone, go ahead and give it to yourself. This will keep you happy and satisfied.

  1. Practice Gratitude

When you are exhausted and your patience is tested it’s easy to feel that there is nothing to be grateful for. When this feeling sinks in it becomes easy to snap at little things and become short tempered.

Gratitude makes you happy, positive and satisfied. When you practice gratitude and become thankful for the things you have you feel blessed. It instantly changes your mood. Whether you prefer to write in a journal or just give a few minutes of mental thought process focusing on the things you are grateful for, practicing gratitude will benefit you beyond your imagination.

  1. Monitor Your Thoughts

Every action is a thought first and then it becomes an action after your body acts in the light of that thought. For example, before yelling at your child thoughts of anger and disappointment start building in your mind and after you reach a threshold point you simply shout. Your action might look spontaneous but there is always a thought process behind it.

Start paying attention to your thoughts, observe often what you are thinking and when you find a negative thought replace it with a positive one. This will help you check impatience in its tracks.

  1. Wake Up Early

Waking up a little (30 minutes at least) earlier than your usual wake-up time helps in better controlling the day. During this time you might plan the day, have breakfast or cater your own personal needs. Once you are done with some of your own needs you are better equipped to handle the chaos of the day.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is an age-old practice and its benefits are scientifically proven. Stress and lack of emotional wellness are the major causes of impatience in people. Along with many other benefits meditation also helps you in controlling stress and it’s good for your emotional wellbeing. Even ten minutes of meditation daily is enough to give you its benefits.

  1. Staying Away From Social Media When Your Kids Are Around

Being on social media is an addiction of the modern world. We all suffer from this addiction to some extent. When you are using social media you lose the track of time, before you can realize you lose an hour or so. This not only wastes your time but it makes you inattentive and cranky when children approach you during this time. If you are struggling with being patient with your kids stop using social media when your kids are around. When you are fully present and involved with your kids it will be less likely to be impatient or inattentive.


Patience is one of the most important traits a parent needs to have. Effective self-care is the basis of being patient with your kids. Waking up early, staying away from social media when kids are around, practicing gratitude, monitoring your thoughts and meditation help in becoming more relaxed and stress-free during the course of the day. As a result of the aforementioned steps, you are calmer, relaxed and in control of the situation and it becomes easy for you to be patient with your kids.

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