4 steps to be a present parent

4 Basic Steps to be a Present Parent in the World Full of Distractions

Nowadays, absent-minded parenting is really a thing. Especially after the boom of social media, we have a full generation which is physically present at one place and is miles away mentally. For parents childhood of their kids is one of the most precious times which they cherish throughout their lives. The sad fact is, time flies and we cannot stop it before we know our teeny tiny babies are ready to embrace their own lives leaving behind only the precious memories for us.

Children crave for the company of their parents. Being a present and involved parent is all your child wants from you. Bruce Perry once said, “Children do not need more things. The best toys a child can have is a parent who gets down on the floor and plays with them”.

To enjoy your child to the fullest you must be a present parent in your child’s life. Paying attention and being conscious of whatever you do helps to spend a more present life. Being a present parent gives us the gift of enjoying our kid’s childhood to the fullest.

The following four steps are essential to be a conscious and present parent.

  1. Make & Follow Healthy Routines

Like everything else in life, to excel in parenting the foundation is built upon prioritizing your time effectively. If you can allocate proper time for your to-do list, only then you can be fully attentive, present, and effective in whatever you do.

Making and following healthy routines give you ample time for all your needs and responsibilities. Following healthy routines not only help you to be a more present parent but it also teaches your kids to follow routines, in the process.

  1. Fulfill Your Own Needs First

Parents, especially mothers have a habit of trying to fulfill the needs of others before paying due attention to their own needs. As they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup, you won’t be able to fulfill the needs of others if your own needs are not fulfilled.

So the first step in the journey of being a present parent you must spend some time for self-care. Eat and sleep well and drink plenty of water. Similarly taking out some time for exercise is essential for your mental and physical well-being.

By waking up thirty minutes earlier than your usual wake up time and filling your own cup by spending some time just for yourself, you can make a head start for the day.

  1. Put Your Phone Down When Your Kids Are Around

Social media has the power to suck you in its attractive and addictive world and before you know you have lost a big chunk of your precious time. Secondly, when you are on your phone you are bound to pay most of your attention to the virtual world. This not only makes you an absent-minded person but it conveys a very wrong message to your kids. Your kids feel unworthy and unimportant when you are paying most of your attention to your phone.

In order to be a present parent make a conscious effort to put the phone away when your kids are around.

  1. Don’t Try To Do Everything By Yourself

Some parents, especially mothers try to do all the tasks by themselves without asking for help. The fact is there is a limit to what you can do effectively and there is no prize for being a superhuman who does everything on their own. For a parent, the desire to do all by one’s own self robs precious parenting moments.

So ask for help from your friends and family members or if you can afford, do hire somebody to do the less important stuff so that you can enjoy yourself and your kids.


Time flies and before you know your babies turn into grownups. In order to enjoy your kids and be a true role model for them, you need to be a present parent. There are a few essential steps which help you to be a present parent. Making and following healthy routines and spending some time for self-care is the basis of leading a present life. Putting the phone down when your kids are around and outsourcing less important tasks also give you the required freedom to be a present parent and enjoy your kids’ childhood.

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