Know Your WHY Before You Start a Blog

Have you seen pictures of bloggers sitting on exotic islands with a laptop and claiming to earn money so effortlessly?

Did you ever saw those juicy income reports where successful bloggers share their monthly income reports? OMG they are so tempting to start blogging, aren’t they?

You have been searching about blogging lately and about start a blog, right?

Before you take the final plunge I want to share my perspective with you regarding what you should know before starting a blog.

I have been blogging since year and I feel its time I should start sharing my experiences with my fellow newbie bloggers. The advice from the seasoned and successful blogger is good but it lacks the perspective of someone who is just starting out. Therefore, at times, new bloggers have many unrealistic expectations regarding blogging. These expectations frustrate a lot and many bloggers end up quitting blogging.

Are you with me? Let’s start.

why to start a blog

The Most Important Thing to Know Before You Start a Blog

The most important thing to know before you start a blog is to know WHY you want to start a blog. This WHY will motivate you through the days when you don’t feel like blogging or through the days when you feel like quitting your blog.

Lets check out;

What Are The Most Common Reasons For People To Start a Blog

There can be many reasons for people to start a blog but the most common ones are:

  1. Money

This is the most common reason to be attracted towards blogging. Many people myself included started their blogs because they saw a potential of making money via their blogs. Who doesn’t want to earn money while sitting on the beach enjoying the sun?

  • To have a Creative Outlet

In this internet age, we have been blessed with many opportunities. Each one of us can have their own blog, podcast and YouTube channel.  It’s just like having a magazine, a radio station and a television station in old times.

So some bloggers start blogs as their creative outlet. They share their thoughts, skills, and knowledge through their blogs.

  • Fun

Some people start blogs for fun. It’s a form of their online diary. They share whatever they like on their blogs with their family, friends, and people in general.

  • Accountability

Some people start a journey towards a goal like a journey to weight loss or a journey towards saving money and paying their debt. To keep themselves accountable they share their journey on their blogs.

  • Helping Others

Another common reason to start a blog is out of the desire to help others. These people know a solution to a problem and they want to help others with their knowledge.

Now you know that knowing the WHY behind your desire to start a blog is the most important thing to take into before taking the plunge in the field of blogging. But the million dollar question is still unanswered.

That is:

Why YOU Want To Start a Blog?

Is it money, fame, fun, accountability or the desire to help others? Let’s check out the viability of each one of these reasons to start a blog in detail.

  • What if You Want To Start a Blog For Creativity, Fun or Keeping Yourself Accountable?

If your sole purpose of starting a blog is to have fun or to keep yourself accountable then go ahead you are more than welcome to join the blogging clan.

  • What if You Want To Start a Blog For Money Only?

Stop right there! No doubt there are bloggers who make millions but there are millions of them who do not. Blogging is not the surest way to make money. If the sole reason, of starting a blog is to make money then you should drop the idea right now.

  • What if You Want To Start a Blog Because You Have a Burning Desire to Help Others?

You, my friend are the perfect raw material to become a successful blogger in every aspect. Blogging world belongs to those who really want to help others solve their problems.

Pros & Cons of Starting a Blog

Now that you know your motive behind starting your blog I want you to go through the pros and cons of starting a blog, so that you may make an informed decision.

Cons of Blogging

There a few downsides of blogging, these are;

  • Blogging is a long haul: If you are looking for quick success then blogging is not your piece of cake. In most cases blogging takes a lot of time to bring back its promised benefits. Yes people can sit on the beach and still earn money but they have worked their ass off upfront. It takes a lot of your time first and only after that you can expect positive results but they are not guaranteed.
  • Blogging is time consuming: You may become obsessed with your blog. In that case your blog eats up all your time and you end up losing time with family and friends.
  • You lose some of your privacy because of blogging: You have to put yourself out there when you blog. Thus some of your privacy is at stake while blogging.

PROS of Blogging

Irrespective of why you want to start a blog, blogging has many benefits including:

  • Blogging is an excellent creative outlet: You can show your creativity with your blog. It’s yours you can make it whatever you like.
  • Blogging helps you help others: If you have a great skill or a solution to a problem people have then you can help millions with your blog.
  • You learn a lot: Blogging introduces you to a new world and you learn a lot about this world of blogging.
  • You become a better writer: The ability to write is like a muscle. When you keep on writing this muscle of yours is strengthened. As a result, you become a better writer.
  • You get new opportunities: Your blog is your profile online and it may bring new opportunities to you. People contact me for freelance writing projects because of my blog. Similarly people get sponsorships, collaboration offers, and much more because of their blogs.
  • You can earn handsome money with your blog: Your blog has a potential to earn money for you.

Blogging is Not Right For You If:

Blogging is hard but it can be a very rewarding experience. If you enter blogging with the right reasons and right mindset then you will love it. Having said that, I would also like to mention that like everything else blogging is not for everybody. So blogging might not be right for you if:

  • You hate writing or you are a terrible writer.
  • You want quick results.
  • Putting yourself out there makes you uncomfortable.
  • You are not interested in solving a problem.
  • You are only interested in making money.
  • You cannot be honest with your readers.

So there you are my friends! If you want to start a blog then, first of all, get cleared on your ‘why’ behind your desire to start a blog. Once you know your ‘why’ then keep in view the pros and cons of blogging and then make an informed decision to go after it or otherwise.

Good luck!

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By the way what are your experiences regarding your decision process of starting a blog? What are the main motives behind your blog? Share in the comment section.

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