Blogging Confessions: Why am I Writing about My Blogging Journey?


Pins making big claims like, ‘How I got 10,000 page views in the first week of my brand new blog” or “How I earned $1000 in the first month blogging” and more, show up in your Pinterest feed every now and then.

OK Fine!!! Those claims are not that big but you get the point I want to make, right??

Those stats are so mouth watering. They make blogging look like a piece of cake.

You, being a newbie blogger, keep thinking what on Earth, am I doing wrong that I have not yet earned a penny even after 6 months of starting a blog.

Don’t worry I will find out the answer to this question and many others in this journey.

You must be thinking why is she going to find out these answers?

Let me tell you the story from the start.

In January, 2011 I decided to quit my job and become a stay at home mom after working full time as a physicist for 6 years. Fast forward to June, 2017, my kids were a bit older (7, 5 & 2), my life was less busy, and I was bored by being a stay at home mom. In order to get my sense of achievement back, I knew I needed to find some work and earn money through it.

After sieving the internet for online jobs and work at home options for months, I decided to give blogging a go.

I read every blog under the sun which taught blogging. Impressed by the success of the top notch bloggers I dreamt about being such a blogger myself. I could easily see myself loving my work, writing to billions of raving fans, and collecting millions of dollars. (LOL)

Spoiler Alert: Apart from a few dollars from Google Adsense and freelance writing opportunities my blog is yet to make those remaining millions of dollars.

After choosing blogging the first decision I needed to make was,

What Should I Write About?

I loved the blogs which taught blogging and wanted to have such a blog. With ZERO experience in blogging you can’t teach blogging, right?

So for the time being, as per popular blogging advice, I started searching for my passion. I couldn’t find a passion but did found some interests like,

  • Autism. My eldest has autism, so I can write about my journey with an autistic child.
  • Parenting. Parenting is special to me, so obviously I can write about parenting.
  • Relationships. One of my friend suggested that I give good relationship advice so I should check that also.
  • Personal Development. I am interested in personal development maybe I should give it a go.

Going All In

I couldn’t finalize a niche so I decided to start writing about all my interests and find my voice in the process. After short listing my interests I went all in and started writing some articles in my journal. The first topic I chose was Autism but after writing half a dozen articles I realized that I don’t like writing about Autism so I dropped it.

Then I wrote a few articles about parenting, marriage and personal development. I felt I like these topics and I can easily write about them.

Finally, Taking The Plunge

In Jan 2018 I bought a domain and published my blog. After a few months I lost interest in writing about personal development also so I began writing about parenting and marriage only.

Why Am I Blogging, About Blogging, Now?

My blog will be one year old this month. Though I have not yet achieved the amount of success I thought I would but I have learned a lot. I think it’s the right time to start recording the experiences of my blogging journey.

I love helping people and as they say, follow your heart, so here I am writing about blogging on the same blog I started one year ago. It’s against the popular blogging advice to write about blogging on a blog with different niches but honestly speaking, I can’t put up with the work, energy and money associated with having two blogs.

Why Should You Follow My Journey?

I have no big claims to make. This blog is just my laboratory of blogging where I try different things. At times I am successful and I fail badly on other occasions. Here in the blogging section of my blog, I will be sharing my raw experiences in blogging. I will be sharing my mistakes, successes, failures, and lessons learned in the process.

I invite you to come and join me on this adventure. It’s a journey you can relate to and you might also learn something new from my experiences.

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