The Easiest Method To Find Most Popular Topics In Your Niche. (& its Free)

June 2018, was the best month of my blogging career. In that month I got close to 10,000 visitors on this website.

blog analytics june 2018

It was the fifth month of my blogging journey and I thought that’s the break I was looking for. I expected my blog to grow more and more from there onwards.

As my hosting is only for 10,000 blog visitors per month, I was mentally prepared to upgrade the hosting plan in July. But my newbie blogger’s expectations were blasted sooner than later. The blog traffic fell to almost half in July and even more lately.

What happened to those stats? Where have all the people gone?

With a broken heart I started the research to find some answers. I found out that a couple of pins did well in June and the traffic was going back to normal after the surge.

Is that supposed to happen? Ideally No, but realistically yes.

When a pin does well you get a surge in traffic but it dies down with the passage of time, that’s routine with traffic from Pinterest.

OK fine!!

But what was the mistake at my end is the million dollar question.

The Blogging Mistake Which Can Leave You with Little to No Blog Visitors.     

In order to find out the answer I searched everywhere on the internet. During this “mission impossible” I found a web analyzer on You can get your website analyzed for SEO there. My website was analyzed and I got the following result.

SEO Analysis of

You see, one thing that kept popping up in the analysis is “Not using your most popular keywords”.

BAM!! There was the main problem, why my blog was not getting steady traffic.

In simple words, I was not writing about the most popular topics. I wrote pretty much what I liked to write about. But in order to pull audience to your blog you need to write about what they want to read.

With the approach to write what you like, you may get an occasional surge in traffic. But if you are not writing what your audience wants to read then they won’t pay a visit to your blog.

Still with me?

Great!  Now we know the problem. The next step is to find out what your audience wants to read? In other words you need to find the most popular topics in your niche.

How to Find The Most Popular Topics In Your Niche?

There are many tools which help you find out the most popular topics aka keywords in your niche. The tool like Ahref keyword explorer, Moz keyword explorer, google keyword planner and more.

These tools are great but for me, the problem with these tools is that they are all paid tools. I don’t have the money to pump into my blog at this stage. So I need a simple and free solution right now.

So what’s the solution?        

The Simple & Free Method to Know What Your Audience Wants

Go to Pinterest and search for your niche topic. Find out the number of re-pins of a particular pin. It’s mentioned with the pin.

In the image below I have posted an exemple of a popular pin in parenting niche. Baby sleep is a popular topic and this particular pin has been re-pinned 66K times.

Image of a popular pin in parenting niche

In your search you will find pins with thousands of re-pins. Note down those topics and write better articles on them. If you do not find pins with many re-pins it means people are not much interested in that topic.

So, here you are my friends, this is the easiest method to find the most popular topics in your niche.

Now you tell were you ever caught in the rut of writing about your own interests only? Or do you know about any other easy method to find out the most popular keywords?

I am on a journey to learn this blogging thing. To follow my journey click here and subscribe to this blog. What to know more about why I started to write about blogging. Click here to know the whole story.

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