How To Choose a Blog Niche?

So you have decided to start a blog. The next question is what should you blog about?

Let’s dig in, hopefully by the end of this article you will have a rough idea about the topic aka your blog niche.

What is a blog niche?

In simple words, a blog niche is the topic of your blog. You must have come across blogs about health and fitness, fashion, parenting, blogging and many more. All these topics are called the niches of those blogs.

Why is a niche important? Why You can’t blog about anything or everything You like?

A niche is important because you want to have an audience for your blog. If you want to be an authority in solving a certain problem or you want to make money eventually from your blog you need to have a niche for your blog.

Let me explain it with an example, say you are searching the internet for tips for losing weight. Which blog will you trust more the one which talks about everything under the sun or the one which talks about health and fitness?

Obviously the later one. Secondly, when your blog is new, people can find you more easily when you have a blog niche because search engines know your blog better when it caters a certain topic.

The truth about blogging is that it’s not only about the blogger rather it’s about the audience who reads that blog. With a blog niche, you can attract that audience easily.

You may write about whatever you like on your blog but will many people be interested in such a blog? Probably not.

OK fine! Tell me:

How to Choose a Blog Niche?

An ideal niche for a blog lies on the cusp of your interest in the topic, your knowledge in that topic and people’s interest in that topic. Choosing a niche always comes down to answering these three questions.

  1. Are you interested in the topic?
  2. Do you have knowledge about that topic?
  3. Are people interested enough, that they are willing to spend money in this niche?

Blogging is a long haul and you cannot expect overnight success so your interest is a must in a topic. Secondly, you must have some knowledge or you must be willing to gain knowledge about your selected topic. Lastly, there must be an audience for your selected topic.

  1. How To Find Your Interest or Passion?

Finding your interest or passion is tricky. You might be interested in a topic apparently but you might not be interested in writing about that topic. You get the exact answer when you actually sit down and write about that topic. I started with writing about autism initially, but I lost interest sooner than I thought.

You might also have to go through the drill of finding your interests aka passions a few times in order to find the one you are really interested in.

As a first step, make a list of all the topics you are interested in. Then write down their subtopics. Make a list of individual posts you may write about under each topic. You will get an idea of how interested you are in a topic with this exercise. If you can come up with around 30 blog post ideas then try writing a few posts. If you feel, you like the topic you chose then you are good to go.

I wrote about parenting and marriage on my blog. As an example, you may check out how I shortlisted my blog niches, their subtopics and blog posts in each subtopic via the following table.

  • How to know if You are Knowledgeable Enough or Not?

You don’t need to be an expert when starting out. All you need is to have some knowledge and a willingness to learn. Your blog is unique because of your unique perspective. Your life experiences are different than everybody else and when you add that to your blog it makes it different.

Take the example of this article. Search “How to choose a niche for a blog” in google and you will find hundreds of articles on this topic. The thing which makes this article on this blog unique is because of my unique experiences with finding a niche when I first started blogging.

Similarly, you can write about any topic by either;

  • Being an expert on a topic.
  • Or by sharing your journey to be an expert.

People will visit your blog either for taking your expert advice or to know about your perspective on your journey on a certain topic. So you don’t need to be an expert or pose to be an expert. If people can relate to you then even a journey blog can also do very well.

  • How to Know if People Are Interested In a Topic?

You can find out the answer to this question by searching for the topic online or by simply asking people around you. If there are other blogs already doing well in your selected topic then it’s a good sign that people are interested in that niche.

You may check whether there are products available in your niche or not. If products are available it means people are ready to spend money in this niche and it is profitable.

Popular Approaches To Choose a Blog Niche

Making money is not guaranteed in blogging. If you want a more guaranteed method to earn money then get a job. It’s the quickest way to make money.  Having said that, depending on how quickly you can make money via your blog, there are two approaches to choose a niche for a blog.

  1. Find out a passion or interest and write about that.

In this approach writing is a bit easier but you might take more time to find your voice and be able to earn money. I took this approach when I started out blogging. I think for a total newbie this approach is more viable. Initially you need to learn a lot and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Your writing might need a lot of tweaking and if you are doing things on your own you have to spend this time to get a feel of things.

If you want to take this approach to find your niche then the book on blogging by Ruth Soukup will help you a lot. You may download it free from the following link.

How to blog for profit without selling your soul

  • Find a popular niche and write about that.

In this approach you find a profitable niche, do market research and start pumping out articles. Seems easier than it is but if you are a very good writer and you can write better articles than the most popular articles in your selected niche then you stand a better chance to earn money quickly.

If you want to take this approach then the following article by Paul Scrivs is super helpful.

7 Blog Niches That Get Good Traffic and Make Good Money

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That’s it from me. Now you tell me what is the most difficult part for choosing a blog niche for you? If you have already chosen your blog niche then what made you choose that niche? Share your feedback in the comment section.

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