5 Free Blogging Resources For New Bloggers That Are Super Helpful

So the idea of starting a blog is hovering in your mind for some time now and you are looking for blogging info everywhere, right?

The Internet is full of blogging advice and at times it becomes overwhelming for a newbie to sort the good advice from the ocean of info available.

When I decided to blog I took almost 6 months to only read the blogging advice available online. Out of all those books, videos and blogs on blogging, I found 5 free blogging resources for new bloggers the most helpful.

The creators of these blogging resources have paid courses as well but here I am talking about their free content. I hope that one day this chronicle of my blogging journey will also become such a resource, till then let’s dive into the great info available.

1. The Book : How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul

This bestseller is by Ruth Soukup, the owner of million-dollar businesses and It is a must read for every new blogger. In this book, Ruth shares everything about blogging from content creation to monetization of your blog in the simplest of language. You can download it free from the following link.

Free Download How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul

2. The Blog & The YouTube Channel By Suzi Whitford:

This blog by Suzi has some amazing articles on blogging. Her target audience is moms who want to start blogging but the advice on her blog is solid and can be helpful for any new blogger. On her YouTube channel she shares great tutorials on making printables for building your email list. Checkout her blog and YouTube channel below.

Start a mom blog by Suzi Whitford

YouTube Channel by Suzi Whitford

3. The Blog and The YouTube Channel By Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a famous online marketing Guru and he shares amazing advice on his website and YouTube channel. He shares in-depth advice on SEO and other forms of digital marketing on his blog. He writes very detailed and thorough articles and shares crisp videos on his YouTube channel. I kind of like his YouTube channel more because they are short, to the point and super helpful. You may have a look at his blog and YouTube channel below.

Blog by Neil Patel

YouTube Channel by Neil Patel

4. YouTube Channel by Alex & Lauren:

Alex and Lauren are a couple sharing blogging advice on their website and YouTube channel. Mainly they teach growth strategies for your blog via Pinterest.  Their YouTube channel has amazingly helpful videos on setting up Pinterest business account and other perks of digital marketing via Pinterest. You may check out their work via the following link.

YouTube Channel by Alex & Lauren (

5. Blog by Paul Scrivens

Paul Scrivens has 13 successful blogs in different niches. On his blog about blogging he shares his tried and tested blogging strategies. His approach is different from most of the ‘how to make money blogs’. His advice is mainly for those blogs which can be successful on Pinterest.

If you want to start a blog and make money quickly then he is your man to go to for advice. His advice is genuine and super helpful. Many bloggers disagree with his approach but I found him more open and honest than most of the people teaching blogging right now.

You may check out his blogging advice from the following link.

Blog by Paul Scrivens

So here you are my friends, these 6 bloggers have created awesome content which will be helpful for you to learn about blogging and hone your craft.

Do check out these free blogging resources for new bloggers and let me know what’s your take on them. Join me on my blogging journey here. You can also give your feedback in the comment section.

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