What Your Wife Actually Wants In a Gift?

Have you ever wondered, what your wife actually wants in a gift?

Something expensive and exotic?

Not really. When it comes to love it’s never about the price tag of a gift.

Stay with me, today I will show you what your wife actually wants in a gift.

Gifts are tokens of love. When you give gifts to your loved ones they feel appreciated, seen and loved. When it comes to gift giving to your wife aka your lady love there is something more you need to put in to make her feel loved and cherished.

If your gift has the following ingredients, any gift, yes you read it right, any gift has the potential to touch her heart.

1. Your Personalized Touch

For your wife the most important factor in receiving a gift from you is YOU. Yes, the gift is precious because you are giving it to her. If we take you out of the equation the same gift becomes just another item. To make your gift a precious possession always always add a personal note with the gift. This step might not be that much important for a man but for a women it’s everything.

You might understand now, why you keep getting long love notes with gifts from your wife? It’s because a personalized touch to a gift is important to her. She knows you love her but she needs to listen to it again and again. A simply love note like “To the love of my life!…. I feel so lucky to have you in my life, Love you today and always…Yours…” will fulfill her need to be reassured that she is loved, wanted and needed.

If you want to take away one point from this article then this was it, you can skip the remaining part of the article. But if you want to really raise your game when it comes to gift giving to your wife then stay with me.

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2. Know Her Preferences

The gift should be according to her likes and dislikes. If you are gifting her with something which generally she doesn’t like then you are giving a very wrong message. The message that shows that you are not paying enough attention to her.  For example, if she hates mascara and you are giving her the most expensive set of mascaras available then don’t be surprised if she throws it back on your head.

In order to know her preferences, pay some attention to what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

3. Put In Some Effort In The Presentation

The presentation of a gift matters to your wife. If the gift is well wrapped and presented at the right time, you get brownie points. Throwing that new cardigan, you bought for your wife, towards her from across the room won’t give you any brownie points. So put in some extra effort and make your gift presentable.

When it comes to receiving gifts in a love relationship women are more interested in the emotion the gift evokes. The amount of thought and planning involved in a gift is directly proportional to the amount of appreciation she will feel for that gift.

Having said that, men and women are totally different by default. There are a few gifts which men find quite useful but women are totally not interested to receive those from their husbands.

Gifts Women Do Not Like To Receive From Their Husbands

According to women do not like to receive the following items as gifts from their husbands.

  • Household items
  • Gift vouchers
  • A gym subscription
  • Champagne
  • Kitchen appliances

I, being a women totally second the opinion of these women. These gifts are perfectly fine to have from a colleague, friend or any other relative but not from your husband.

Gifts Your Wife Will Love

Ideally you should know which gifts your wife will love. If you don’t then you can always gift her one of the following items. Generally, women love these gifts.

  • Jewelry
  • Hand Bags
  • Makeup
  • Perfumes
  • Keep Sakes
  • Shoes & Clothes
  • Personalized Gift Items

4 Elegant Gifts For Your Lady Love

I have searched from end to end (OK not that much but still i have researched well) and found some awesome gifts you can give to your wife. These are affiliate links, it means if you click through and make a purchase I would get a tiny commission without any extra charges to you. (You may read my full disclosure here)

If you don’t want to buy any of these gifts even then you can add the three aforementioned ingredients to your gift and they will add a touch of magic to almost any gift.

1. NEWNOVE Heart of Ocean Pendant

Women like to wear jewelry. Receiving an elegant piece of jewelry like this pendant has the potential to make your wife feel happy and loved.

2. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfume

Good fragrances are a universal love. Your wife will love a good perfume. Have a look at this beauty by Elizabeth Arden.

3. SIFINI Handbag

You can never go wrong with a handbag. Your lady love will always find a use of a handbag. What do you think about this handbag?

4. Make A keepsake with This Molding & Casting Kit

There is nothing like putting an effort in making a gift. You may make a lovely keepsake with this molding and casting kit. A hand-holding keepsake of you two will always remind your wife of the effort you put in this gift to show your love.

So here we are, this is my take on the gifts your wife actually wants. What works when it comes to giving gifts to your wife? Share your feedback in the comment section.

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