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Gifts Men Actually Want: 10 Evergreen Gifts For Your Husband

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If my husband would gift me this cute teddy bear I would be ecstatic. I will place it somewhere I can see it often and it would be a source of immense pleasure everytime I would see it. But if we reverse the roles for a second and assume that I am the one gifting it to my husband. How would he feel about this gift? I actually asked him and he said, “Its cute but what will I do with it?” (Excuse me! Whaaaat?)

You see how different these men are from us women. They say women are complicated but what about men? They are complicatedly simple.

How to Know Which Gift Your Husband Wants

So being a man, your husband might not like what you think they would like.

So what’s the solution to this? Simply ask him he will tell you.

If you don’t want to ask him or you want to surprise him then read on.

Men have themselves revealed that there are a few gifts they don’t like. First of all let’s check out those.

Gifts Your Husband Might Not Like

There are few items men generally do not like. So your husband might not be interested in gifts like:

  • Stuffed Toys
  • Personalized Mugs & T-shirts
  • Random Gadgets
  • Accessories Like Cufflinks and ties
  • Socks
  • Books

Source: Female First

Things Your Husband Secretly Wants In a Gift

By nature, most men do not adore the cutesy stuff we women find adorable. They cannot relate to cute stuffed toys, personalized mugs and t-shirts as we can. They never say it out loud because they don’t want to hurt us.  I asked this question to quite a few married men that what they want the most in a gift from their wives. It turned out that a husband secretly wishes that his wife gifts him with a gift that is:

1. Practical

Yes, your husband wants a gift he can actually use. Practicality is the number one trait a man wants in a gift. If your gift can be used by your husband then he will love it.

2. Needed

Before selecting a gift always ask yourself this question, “Does he need this item?” If he does then go ahead and buy it. Otherwise, find out something else. For example, if you are going to buy a wallet for your husband and he has already a wallet in a very good condition then he might not use your gift as much. On the other hand if he really needs something he will appreciate it much more and actually use it.

3. As Per His Preferred Specifications

Men are particular about the specifications especially when it comes to their electronic gadgets and tools. If you are buying say an i-phone or any other electronic device then do keep in mind his desired specifications. He might not like a random tool or gadget.

10 Evergreen Gifts Ideas for Your Husband

Some of the gifts your husband will like, no matter when and why you are gifting him, are:

  • Wrist watches
  • Perfumes
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Tools
  • Wallets
  • Fitness Gear
  • Adventure Gear
  • Tools

I found some amazing gifts on amazon which are loved by men all over the world. These are affiliate links. It means if you click through and make a purchase I would get a small commission with NO extra charge to you. You may read my full disclosure here.

If you end up not buying any one of these, even then, your gift will be loved by your husband if its practical, needed and as per his preferred specifications. (Told ya! This species is complicatedly simple ;-))

1.GPS Wrist Watch

For the majority of men, a wristwatch is the only jewelry they use. This GPS wrist watch will not only serve the purpose of a watch, but it will monitor your husband’s fitness. It can also serve as a handy organizer with a to do list and a weather forecast.

2. RFID Leather Wallet

A wallet is the safest gift you can give to any man. This RFID wallet has high capacity and will fit the needs of your husband well.

3. Magnetic Wrist Band

Give your husband peace of mind by gifting him this handy wrists band. He can keep nuts, nails, screws and other small items handy and use them without dropping or losing them while working.

4. Electronics Organizer

This little organizer will take care of storing all the essential cables and electronic accessories, of your husband, at one place. You may choose from a variety of colors and this item has a 30 day money back guarantee too.

5. Lacoste Perfume

Men generally love perfumes. If your husband is one of those who adore this brand you can make him real happy by gifting him this one.

6. Sleeping Bag For Back Packing

If your husband is into hiking, camping or other outdoor activities this sleeping bag is a must for him.

7. Wooden Phone Docking Station

Help your husband keep all his essential accessories at one place in a trendy style by gifting him this wooden phone docking station. You can choose from different colors to fit your style of interior.

8. Binoculars

Your husband can enjoy stargazing, watching wildlife, concerts or stage plays and much more while travelling, hiking, climbing or just relaxing in the outdoors.

9. Wireless Headphones

Your husband can now enjoy music or listen to whatever he wants without the fear of disturbing everyone around him. These wireless headphones are compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV.

10. Phone Sanitizer + Charger

This device can completely sanitize phones. Your husband already charges his phone, right? Why not sanitize it too during the process? Your husband will love it, especially if he works in a germ rich place.


Gifts are a token of love. Show your love to your husband by giving gifts in a language he understands. Men want gifts which are practical, needed and as per their desired specifications. Choose a gift keeping in mind these three rules and you will make your husband feel special.

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