About Me

Since my childhood I believed that being a woman I am weak. “Had I been a man I would have been much stronger with much more opportunities.” Time passed by I finished my education, started a job got married and became very much independent. But even then, deep within I felt that I would have been much powerful and much better off had I been a man.

On a beautiful friday evening, the day I became a mother for the first time, this feeling of mine changed forever. I realized that a woman is the most powerful and the most resilient creature on this earth. Women are so unique that they are the strongest but still the softest. A mother can take on anything and everything. Motherhood gave me my pride in womanhood. So being a mother is so very special to me.

My encounter with marriage showed me a totally new picture of life which i was never aware of. The differences and similarities between men and women in relationships like marriage fascinate me a lot.

Hello! I am Seemab Zakir and on this blog I share lessons learnt in the light of my experiences, challenges, struggles, and mistakes.

I hope that in this ongoing journey of self-improvement and self-discovery I will be able to not only help myself  but also help other women like you. As we all are together in this journey of life I hope that you will also share with me your perspective of life.

I will be sharing tips and strategies to help you become:

  • A better person
  • A better spouse
  • & a better parent

I will be anxiously waiting to listen to stories of your life, your struggles and your triumphs too.

Do write to me and give your feedback.

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