About Me

Becoming a mom is magical. It changes you in unimaginable ways. You become selfless. You always start putting the needs of your baby first.

You could be insanely ambitious, unbelievably workaholic, or madly in love with your work but once you become a mother everything changes. Your emotions change, your priorities change. You simply want to stay with your baby.

I went through all these emotions when I became a mother for the first time in 2010. I liked my job and work-life but the thought of leaving my child for the whole day killed me emotionally.

So I quit my job in 2011 and became a stay at home mom. I love to be able to enjoy the childhood of my kids… It’s not only me, each and every mother loves to nurture her baby.

In order to nurture my motherly feelings I had to:

  • Sacrifice my career.
  • Cut down my expenses and switch to one income from two.
  • Forego my personal needs of having a life independent of motherhood.

Told you… motherhood is magical…you happily do things which you couldn’t imagine to do when you are not a mom.

Fast forward to  2017, when my kids were a bit older and independent,  I started to miss my work-life. It’s interesting when you have one thing, you long for the other and when you get that other thing you want the first one too. The same happened to me. There I was happily living with my kids but I wanted to have a work-life too.

As my eldest is a special needs child so I cannot work outside my home. So I began checking the options of working from home.

One day I watched an interview where a successful blogger told his story of how blogging changed his life. I was fascinated by the idea of starting a blog. I read everything available under the sun about blogging and started my blog in Jan 2018.

Though the blog is not itself earning a lot, yet it provided me with a much-needed community and some interesting freelance opportunities.

So, this whole experience of motherhood plus blogging taught me that moms can have a great life balance if they plan ahead. If they can invest their time and energy to the things that matter the most they can almost have it all.

Hello! I am Seemab Zakir and I am on a mission to find ways to help moms to stay with their babies and simultaneously:

  • Take care of themselves.
  • Work from home and have the luxury of having their much needed income.
  • Nail their parenting skills.
  • Have an amazing love life.

I will be anxiously waiting to listen to your stories too. Tell me how you coped when you started working after having a child and how it impacted your selfcare, parenting and your love life.

Do write to me and give your feedback.

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